Holidays – a break from routines

A holiday – which happens to be 10 Dhu’l Hijjah 1441 H, is a national holiday. For me, an independent translation professional – aka Penerjemah Indonesia in the language pair English to Indonesian, a break like this helps to break routines.

But, for clients, this may not be the case.

So for both parties to have a smooth projects still running it is best that the provider (me and you my colleagues) prepare a calendar of availability to suit this need.

At there’s an option for this.

A calendar with a purpose -
A calendar of availability for both parties to anticipate smooth work schedule.

So please use this.

And we can enjoy times like this.

1441 H - 10 Dhu'l Hijjah
10 Dhu’l Hijjah 1441 H

And also times like this.

Break from routines
Break from routines.

Very much needed time for me, as an Indonesian translator working in the language pair English to Indonesian.

Enjoy friends.