Season for Holiday – December

As a professional translator, interpreter, at times, a holiday, or at least time off from professional work or venture is a must. And, the month of December is usually also a time to reflect. Why is this so? Well, during this month, most clients, and the industry is at a time in the midst of consolidating ending the year with the achievements planned months earlier and welcoming a new year looking for new exciting ventures.

Being a professional Indonesian translator, interpreter, one must reflect on the past service provided, and also to take a break and recharge in order that excellent service is delivered. On the other hand, being a human, prone to make mistake a professional must minimise or mitigate the risk of being an unprofessional. What better way than to reflect during this time of reflection. So for me, a professional Indonesian translator, interpreter, this month IS definitely a MUST to do productive month.

This month in December, we reflect on the plans made during previous months in the earlier months of the year. And, also this month is a time to think things through for the forthcoming year. Are we to excel and make an even better progress? Are we to keep the work ethics that have driven us during the previous year? Are we doing things the same and making the same mistake? It is a time to progress to make things better.

Let’s do the activities that we do in December to reflect the past and plan for the coming year.