All The President’s Men

A prominent Indonesian daily in Jakarta had a headline spread:

“All The President Man”

all the president man

This caught attention of someone in Facebook world. And then it just rolls.

As an individual working professionally as a translator/interpreter/editor working in the language pair of English to Indonesian, this kind of phenomenon is just too much. Not only it dealt with language issue i.e. Indonesian/English but it took centre stage at least in the realm of translators and the Indonesian language enthusiasts.

I mean a well established newspaper had a blunder with typos.

I would understand if the newspaper had been local but a well established national daily made this kind of mistake, I guess this is just inexcusable. Also, these people working behind the scene can at least use Google Search engine and find this: All The King’s Men, All The President’s Men…

10273230_10204755678945686_6976750274383015620_o This is a lesson-learnt for editors in this field to focus on quality assurance i10945633_10203546697289371_1934277000705341939_nn the face of deadline.

Let’s just hope all of us learn something valuable.