References for English Indonesian Translation

As a professional English Indonesian translator/interpreter/editor, I am indebted to online and offline references that we can use. Here is the list. I hope this list grows.

1. Indonesian Spelling System
Indonesian version
Official Downloadable version

2. Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Monolingual Dictionary)

3. Online version (database 3rd Edition)

4. Indonesian Glossary Online

5. A Comprehensive Indonesian-English Dictionary, Ohio University Press 2010, compiled by A, lan M. Stevens and A. Ed. Schmidgall-Tellings

other links: one, two
6. Kamus Inggris Indonesia (English Indonesian Dictionary), Echols and Shadily

other links: one

7. English Indonesian (vice versa) Offline Downloadable version
From:, Ebsoft

8. Knowledgebase on Bahasa Indonesia

Hope this helps.




My Choice for Computer in My Professional Work

As a professional translator in the language pair, English to Indonesian, the best computer is second to none.

A laptop and a desktop are tools for my professional work, in using these machine, I try to choose the best.

At present Dell is my preference
DELL for your translation

Luckily, I have had the opportunity to have the best at my disposal.

This is not an advertisement, but my approval for anyone trying to choose a machine for doing translation in a professional environment.

Of course, others may have an option of choosing others.


My preference for Computers - HP
HP computers is a choice for me


The next brand I would go for is HP and/or Lenovo.

But of course, the budget again will play a role in deciding your choice. Good luck with your choice.







#Banjir – flood

Flood: noun

1. a great flowing or overflowing of water, especially over land not usually submerged.
2. any great outpouring or stream: a flood of tears.
3. the Flood, the universal deluge recorded as having occurred in the days of Noah. Gen. 7.
4. the rise or flowing in of the tide ( opposed to ebb ).
5. a floodlight.

Flood: Definition: overwhelming flow, quantity

Synonyms: abundance, alluvion, bore, bounty, cataclysm, cataract, current, deluge, downpour, drencher, drift, eager, excess, flow, flux, freshet, glut, inundation, multitude, niagara, outgushing, outpouring, overflow, plenty, pour, profusion, rush, spate, stream, superabundance, superfluity, surge, surplus, tide, torrent, tsunami, wave


Jakarta, the capital city of  Indonesia is hit by deadly flooding.  Joko Widodo,  Jakarta governor declared the city a state of emergency. And it is effective until Jan. 27.

The capital city of Indonesia is  home to almost 20 million people, and it is prone to heavy flooding during the rainy season. The season runs from about October to April, and is largely because of construction that leaves little room for runoff, an undeveloped sewer system, and waterways clogged with trash. The heaviest rains tend to occur in January and February.

Let’s just hope things will be better quickly.

The twitter trending #banjir, #banjirjakarta, #PrayForJakarta.

Heavy rain in Jakarta - Monty_Black Fiky Faturrahman