My Service

The services I provide:

1) Interpreting

2) Translation

3) Others

1) Interpreting

Projects may require the rendering of Indonesian and English verbally or orally on site or in Jakarta or maybe elsewhere for that matter, whether it is for training, workshops, seminars, or conference, email me your need.

I have worked on projects that require me to be a consecutive or simultaneous interpreter. In courtrooms, in district attorney offices, government buildings, classrooms or any other places that can bridge your language challenges for your audiences. In Indonesia or abroad, details of rates will be provided on request.

Simultaneous Interpreting Harry Hermawan

2) Translation

Bahasa Indonesia translatorAs a translator I provide my service to the world. My clients are individuals, and/or entities such as agencies, companies or groups.

If you need your text translated into bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), I can provide you solution.

Please contact me via email to or leave your comments below.

Home office aka HQ for PI and IL of Harry Hermawan
Harry Hermawan at Director’s Room

For projects that may require more than one person, please detail this in your query.

Just tell me your delivery times and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

3) Others

I can also provide: minutes notes taking, subtitling, transcribing, transcription and others. Please send your email to enquire further.

Email to:


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