Indonesian Translator, Indonesian Interpreter

Harry Hermawan Indonesian translator
Harry Hermawan Indonesian translator and interpreter

2013 is one year past 2012.

As an Indonesian translator and also working as an Indonesian interpreter, I have an optimistic outlook.

Why should I?

Indonesia is a country large in population, hence it is a great market for products and services. Looking at this I am always an optimist.

Products or services in Indonesia should consider the local content. Of course, the easiest way is by internet and in the Indonesian language aka bahasa Indonesia.

If you are looking to be in Indonesia what better way than to have a presence and be Indonesian.


Good luck at finding out more about Indonesia on your search online.



Translation Rates

Rates or in this case translation price is always a challenge for me. Deciding on the best rate for the translation activity that I provide is not always easy and it is always and should be based on projects.

translation quotation

It may seem tedious to always provide potential client rates or price. I mean, I may easily print that on some price list and upload on one page. But I don’t do that. One rule that I always say to myself that translation or interpreting is not a mass produce product. It is a product on a mass scale if we decide to i.e. we use machine translation. If this is the case the quality will be in question.

Again on the subject of price or quotation I may be contacted based on each project that comes to my email. It is understandable that this service may be unreasonable for some but again translation is not a product that we make or produce but it is our passion as translators to provide the best and for that we are giving a reasonable rate.

Hopefully, with experience and the types of translation that translator has on their resumé, the rates will hopefully be lower as the learning curve and the time to do research has decline.