Hi, I am Harry, thank you for visiting my website.

Harry Hermawan

I am Indonesian born and raised in Jakarta, the capital city. University of Indonesia has been my alma mater, when I took my post graduate degree in Linguistics in Translation Studies. Economics had been a passion during my stint as an undergraduate at STIE Perbanas now Perbanas Institute. 

I am an English Indonesian translator and interpreter living in Jakarta, Indonesia. As an Indonesian, my mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia or simply Indonesian.

Just like the country England with English as the language, the people of Indonesia or Indonesian have Bahasa Indonesia. By the way, there’s a misconception on the word BAHASA. It is not the language of Indonesia but it simply means “language”.

In this blog, my writings will mainly be about languages and on English or Indonesian languages and maybe other things such as culture.

My articles varies. Just thoughts that I have time to put in writing and willing to be publish here in this blog.

I may use the English language as my tool to express what is in my mind. Also, I may write in bahasa Indonesia or in Indonesian.

As an experienced English Indonesian (vice versa) professional in localization I am available for translation, interpreting or other projects (copy editing, subtitling, review, proofreading, time-coding, transcriptions or any other services that I may help) please contact me.

I will see to your request as soon as I can. Please be aware that there will be a time difference. Ours is GMT+7.

Want to know my other websites / blogs please check them out:






I have a team of translators and interpreters if your Indonesian language projects are large and need more than one person to handle this.

By visiting this website, I hope, you will have solution for your need in Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian.

And lastly, if you find this blog aka website to your taste or liking please tell your family, friends, colleagues, and others to stop by.

But, on the other hand if you have something that may improve my blog/website – please drop me an email at: info@harryhermawan.com.


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